A larger sibutramine dose eliminated responding and significantly

A larger sibutramine dose eliminated responding and significantly reduced food intake. Selleck Batimastat Rimonabant did not alter the discriminative stimulus effects of 22-h food deprivation, but rimonabant did significantly reduce both response rates and food intake.

Sibutramine appears to decrease food intake by reducing hunger sensations associated with food deprivation. In contrast, rimonabant does not alter

the discrimination of acute food deprivation. The use of food-deprivation discrimination techniques may be useful in identifying the role of specific neuroactive compounds in eating stimulated by a sense of hunger and may aid in medication development for more effective treatments for obesity and other eating-related conditions.”
“The role of microglia in central nervous system (CNS) pathology has been studied extensively, and more recently, examination of microglia in the healthy brain has yielded

important insights into their many functions. It was long assumed that microglia were essentially quiescent cells, unless provoked find more into activation, which was considered a hallmark of disease. More recently, however, it has become increasingly clear that they are extraordinarily dynamic cells, constantly sampling their environment and adjusting to exquisitely delicate stimuli. Along these lines, our laboratory has identified a new and unexpected role for microglial phagocytosis – or lack thereof in the pathophysiology of Rett syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disease caused by mutation of the gene encoding methyl-CpG binding protein (MECP)2. We have shown that specific expression of wild type Mecp2 in myeloid cells of Mecp2-null mice is sufficient to arrest major

symptoms associated with this devastating disease. This beneficial effect, however, is abolished if phagocytic activity of microglia is inhibited. Here, we discuss microglial origins, the role of microglia in brain development and maintenance, and the phenomenon of microglial augmentation by myeloid progenitor cells in the adult brain. Finally, we address in some detail the beneficial roles of microglia as clinical targets in Rett syndrome and other neurological disorders.”
“Nucleic acid extraction using the open automated EZ1 (Qiagen) instrument, in combination CDK inhibitor with the Generic HIV Viral Load assay, gave highly concordant HIV-1 RNA viral load results among 181 Gabonese subjects infected with HIV-1, compared to those obtained when performing a manual extraction. Since people living with HIV-1 are being treated with antiretrovirals in Gabon, this automated extraction technique represents an excellent technical method for high-throughput monitoring of HIV-1 RNA viral load. (C) 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.”
“Caspases are crucial for the execution of apoptotic cell death.

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